Final Conference

 Urban Transport Roadmaps - Final Conference

The final conference was held in conjunction with the CIVITAS Forum 2017 in Torres Vedras, Portugal on 28 September 2017. This cooperation allowed for the Urban Transport Roadmaps Tool to be presented alongside other related mobility initiatives and expertise to facilitate the development, implementation and evaluation of policy scenarios and Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs).
final conference 1






Conference Programme and Presentations:

Session 1: Roadmap to power your SUMP: Effective tools and intelligence - The Urban Transport Roadmaps scenario-building tool for European SUMPS

Opening statement: Piotr Rapacz, DG MOVE, European Commission

  • A unique walk-through of the Urban Transport Roadmaps tool for your SUMP, Guy Hitchcock, Ricardo UK [presentation]

         (with introduction from Piotr Rapacz)

  • The scenario tool that may change your city policy, Claudia De Stasio, TRT [presentation]
  • The use of the Urban Transport Roadmaps tool and how to sustain ambitious mobility action, Ivelina Strateva, City of Burgas, Bulgaria [presentation]

Facilitation by Carsten Rothballer, Coordinator, ICLEI Europe

 final conference 2

Session 2: Tools for data gathering, appraisal and simulation: SUMPs-Up presents highlights from the CIVITAS Tool Inventory

  • CIVITAS Urban Mobility Tool Inventory,  Lasse Brand, Rupprecht Consult: [presentation]
  • Voltia, eFleet Advisory Deployment Plan - Switching Conventionally Fueled LCV Fleets to Electric, Aaron Fishbone, Voltia [presentation]
  • Urban Nodes ImpactAssessment Tool for measuring urban nodes of the core TEN-T network, Susanne Böhler-Baedeker, Rupprecht Consult [presentation]

Moderator: Ana Dragutescu, ICLEI Europe


Session 3: Investment in SUMP solutions

Introduction: Isabelle Vandoorne, DG MOVE, with information on CEF-INEA, EFSI and ELENA and regional funding


Session 4: Procuring SUMP solutions

  • Zero emission deliveries through smart procurement, Simon Clement, ICLEI Europe, BuyZET Coordinator [presentation]
  • Smart Procurement for better transport - The SPICE project, Bahar Namaki Araghi, City of Copenhagen [presentation]
  • Procurement of bike sharing system, Stella Aaltonen, City of Turku[presentation]
  • Car-sharing as a fleet option for public administrations, Hendrik Koch, City of Bremen [presentation]

 final conference 3

Session 5: Implementation case studies (INTERREG SUMP projects)

  • Katerina Chrysostomou, Interreg Europe: REFORM [presentation]
  • Low-carbon mobility for cruise passengers in destination cities: The LOCATIONS solution, Fabio Tomasi, Interreg MED Urban Transport: LOCATIONS [presentation]
  • Integrated Modelling Tool (IMT) and Horizontal Condominium, Marina de Almeida Silva, Interreg MED Urban Transport: REMEDIO [presentation]
  • Pedro Ribeiro da Silva, Coordinator, Portuguese Network Cidades e Vilas de Excelência [presentation]

Session Chair: Vincent Leiner, DG REGIO


Session 6: Roadmap to power your SUMP: Hands-on demonstration of the Urban Transport Roadmaps scenario-building tool for European SUMPs

  • The Urban Roadmaps Scenario Building Tool Training Session,Guy Hitchcock, Ricardo UK, and Claudia De Stasio, TRT [presentation]


Facilitation by Carsten Rothballer, Coordinator, ICLEI Europe


You can find out more about the CIVITAS Forum 2017 here.